About Dark Silver

Dark Silver is a project created by artist and photographer Steven Mastroianni devoted to creating traditional black and white photographic portraits. The portrait sessions are done with large or medium format cameras, and result in beautiful, one of a kind silver gelatin negatives and prints, using a real darkroom. The process is slower and less “perfect” than modern digital imaging, but the process informs the aesthetic: rich silver-based images where time and light are carefully measured and refracted through the lens onto the film. Photographs are printed with old, mechanical enlargers and hand processed in the dark room, resulting in unique, one of a kind prints which will last generations.

The Dark Silver portrait series is an ongoing project being exhibited in the Cleveland area and elsewhere. Check back for future installations and dates.

07DS_016Learn more about scheduling a portrait session here.

Steven Mastroianni is a lifelong resident of Cleveland, where he graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and has worked in the photographic arts ever since. He is an accomplished wedding and portrait photographer, as well as running a gallery and studio in the historic Tremont neighborhood.